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Let’s step back in time...



Austro-Hungarian monarch Maria Theresa’s court 19th century Vienna, Europe. 

My Great, Great, Great, Great .........Grandmother was a Lady of the Court. 

She had a great gift and inheritance that she used to help and shape the lives of the noble ladies. 


They used the benefits of her predictions to better their and their family’s lives.

This horoscope was their secret knowhow to cope with life month after month.

Health, Love, Money, Success, all their questions were answered and families destinies foretold.


In my lifetime I have witnessed my Grandmother helping women in her community and my Mother’s helpful and caring attention to the needs of her friends and clients. 

They were very popular. 

All the knowledge I soaked up just by being with them and my studies of the subject are great tools to my passion.

I’ve been using this personalized horoscope to give advice to great many women from all walks of life. 

You’ll be amazed by how using this storehouse of knowledge every month your life will get better and better because knowing what to expect in the near future means that you can change the outcome…..


Enjoy in good health and abundant future!